When Natural Retreats guests Valarie Farrow and Lealynne Martinez booked a vacation home to host a small wedding in Taos, they were eagerly anticipating the big day.

However, nine days before the big event, the couple received some distressing news: the home had sold and was no longer available. With such a short time to find another location, it looked like the most important day of their lives may turn out to be less than a happy memory.

So as Farrow and Martinez struggled to determine what to do next, Natural Retreats Taos General Manager Kim Hamstra jumped into action to find a solution.

Farrow recounted, “We were in panic mode. Kim called us back a few hours later and said she would make sure the wedding happens, one way or another. She was extremely helpful.”

True to her word, Hamstra found a solution. She called the couple back with good news. “We can put you into this other property I think you will absolutely love,” Hamstra said.



Stunning Views Set the Stage

The wedding was then relocated to the stunning Wilderness Lodge. This unique, 5-bedroom home was the perfect location for the intimate wedding. At the top of Taos Ski Valley, The Wilderness Lodge is the highest private residence in the state sitting at 10,200 feet. Inspired by the look and feel of the old mining cabins, the rustic exterior is made with 150-year-old reclaimed timbers and siding once owned by the Winchester Rifle Company in Massachusetts.

When Farrow and Martinez arrived at Wilderness Lodge, they were awestruck. “We drove up the mountain and when we rounded that corner, there was the stunning Wilderness Lodge, welcoming us with all of the lights on,” Farrow said. “You should have seen us when we walked through the home. We were huddled together, in absolute disbelief. We just kept saying, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s more!’” Their favorite aspect of the home? The view off the deck and scent of the pine trees.

It’s in the Details

While the Wilderness Lodge was better than they had ever imagined, it was the small things that really mattered to the couple. Upon arrival, fresh-cut flowers welcomed them on the kitchen counter and celebratory champagne was stocked in the refrigerator. “It was all of the little touches that really made our stay special,” said Farrow. “The Wilderness Lodge felt like home, and we were made to feel genuinely welcome.”

The couple were so overjoyed and appreciative, they invited Hamstra to the wedding, and the ceremony went off without a hitch. Upon leaving Taos and the house that had provided so many great memories, Farrow and Martinez told Hamstra that, in the future, they will only travel where Natural Retreats has vacation home locations.

The Perfect Union

In today’s competitive vacation rental market, it’s not enough to simply provide consumers with beautiful homes in exceptional destinations. Vacationers also want – and deserve - high-touch service and unique amenities. Luckily, there is one Taos vacation rental company that has the ingredients for a more perfect union.

Natural Retreats is a luxury vacation rental company offering gorgeous homes in the Taos Ski Valley. Their vacation rental homes are undeniably gorgeous, embracing the area’s eclectic flavor.

But what sets the company apart from other vacation rental companies is the exceptional customer service offered by the local team.

Every Natural Retreats Taos home comes with concierge service. Their team of passionate Taos Valley locals is poised to help guests throughout their stay to share their favorite tree runs and family-friendly terrain, mountain biking trails, and scenic hiking trails. They will also connect you with recommended guides for off-mountain adventures, restaurant tips, and local entertainment.
Need grocery delivery? No problem. Looking for a heater or fan? The local team is on it.

With VIP concierge service, the Natural Retreats local teams assure the highest standard of cleanliness and safety for every home, provide detailed knowledge of the area, and are there to help with service and maintenance requests.

The focus on guests is evidenced by the positive guest testimonials you’ll find on the Natural Retreats website. And their service promise says it all. “We make sure guests spend less time worrying about logistics and plans, and more time enjoying their vacations.”