Adrenaline junkie. According to the Oxford Dictionary, an adrenaline junkie is “a person with a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure.” You can typically find these people jumping out of airplanes, swimming with sharks—anything to get that adrenaline rush. Biologically, adrenaline junkies react positively to stressful experiences. When we find ourselves in an emotionally charged situation, our central nervous system kicks into gear and releases a hormone called epinephrine, which triggers our fight or flight reaction.

Epinephrine will stay present in the system for an extended amount of time and creates the feeling of excitement and satisfaction after overcoming an emotionally taxing situation. This is considered an adrenaline high, which is a feeling that most adrenaline junkies are after.

Looking to spike your adrenaline rush this summer? Taos, New Mexico, is brimming with excitement and adventure to spice up your summer. Whether you’re looking for a more tame thrill or are ready to jump into the deep end, there is an adrenaline junkie adventure waiting for everyone in the gem of New Mexico.

Two riders leading a riderless horse across a river in the Rocky Mountains

The Thrill of the Height | Hot Air Balloon

Let your sense of adventure soar to new heights and admire the stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Rio Grande River from above. Taos is famous for hot air ballooning, which means plenty of opportunities to lift off towards the sky.
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The Thrill of the Ride | Horseback Riding

Perfect for both novice and more seasoned riders, there is plenty of range to curate the ideal horseback riding adventure in Taos. Beginners can explore the even trails of the mountain meadows, and experts can forge the rougher, rocky terrains.
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Professional bike rider jumping during downhill ride on his bicycle in mountains
Rafting on white water.

The Thrill of the Mountain | Mountain Biking

Taos is adorned with hundreds of trails, perfect for mountain biking. Pedal to new heights or spike your adrenaline with a downhill run. Either way, you're guaranteed incredible views!
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The Thrill of the Water | River Rafting

Take to the waters of the Rio Grande and paddle through rapids and choppy waters for the ultimate water adventure. Expert guides will teach you best practices and advise your group along the way, but be prepared for a wild ride!
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Female rock climber struggles up a cliff for her next grip on a challenging ascent.
Taos, New Mexico, USA at Rio Grande Gorge Bridge over the Rio Grande at dusk.

The Thrill of the Climb | Rock Climbing

Combine your sense of adventure with strength, endurance, and fearlessness of heights for this exploit. Rope yourself in and look to the skies for an unforgettable rock climbing experience. Always ensure you have the proper safety equipment, and beginners should plan to climb with a local outfitter for proper climbing etiquette and procedure.
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