Whitewater Rafting at Highlands & Lake Toxaway | Natural Retreats

Whitewater Rafting at Highlands & Lake Toxaway

Starting from $40 per person


Set off for adventure with a splash in the southern rapids of the Nantahala River.

Stretching 40 miles within the heart of western North Carolina, thrill seekers can dip their raft into the Nantahala River and face Class II and III rapids. With the help of your guide, you'll navigate your way down the beautiful river and learn how to successfully paddle through the surging currents with ease. This unforgettable excursion is great for families and adds the perfect element of excitement to your retreat.


US Xplore Team - East

"I can hike the waterfall trails, horseback ride, and whitewater raft, all in one place. The fall foliage is especially stunning."

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