Tybee: Your New Happy Place

Columbia, Missouri resident Penny Knarr and her family have taken many trips to Tybee Island, Georgia. What keeps them coming back to this prime location via Natural Retreats? Read on for Penny’s take on one of her favorite, happiest places.

(Courtesy of Penny Knarr)

(Courtesy of Penny Knarr)

So, tell us about your family.
Well, there’s myself and my husband, our twin 14-year-old boys and we have a 20-year-old daughter going to college in Georgia. I’m also vice president of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

You have a busy life! So you have been to Tybee Island more than once?
Oh yes, we stayed near North Beach, and have stayed at Sandy’s Beach House twice. We went last September, but one of my sons could not make it because he had broken his arm and needed to get his cast set!

I bet he was disappointed!
Yes! They are so excited to go back. I asked my son why and he said, “I’m just excited to be away.”

So, you are going back soon….
Yes, we are going to be there May 27th through June 2nd (2021).
You said you were there last year during the Covid outbreak.
Yes, we were there in March when it was all starting and were there again in September. When we were there in March, the businesses were so appreciative to see us.

Well, we are pretty booked up this year for much of the summer! So, tell our prospective guests about the beach in September.
It is so much quieter! Less crowded and more manageable. There was talk about there being a lot of jellyfish at that time, but we had no issues last year.

What is it about Tybee that keeps you coming back?
Everyone is so friendly. The business owners, the restaurant workers…the customer service is to the umpteenth degree. My favorite coffee bar in the universe is there: Tybean . I even have a coffee cup from there that I use every day. My sister gave me a gift certificate to Tybean and I plan to use it when we go back. A cranberry scone and a latte are what I look forward to when I get there!

And why Natural Retreats – how did you find out about our company?
I did an internet search the first time. We booked our first Natural Retreats vacation through Airbnb, but for subsequent trips I work directly with Natural Retreats. It is so easy.

(Courtesy of Penny Knarr)

(Courtesy of Penny Knarr)

What did you like about the homes?
They are immaculate, spotless, and we have not had any issues. We stayed at a house on the marsh side one time, and it was super quiet. I even use a photo I took of a sunset from one of the homes we stayed at as my Zoom meeting background!

How do you plan for your trips? What do you like to do?
I generally plan one or two excursions. We went to Paula Deen’s Restaurant (in Savannah) one time and we have also taken a ghost tour. The rest of the time is for hanging out on the beach! I belong to a lot of Facebook groups and use that as a resource to find out about things to do.
What about Tybee itself - have you checked out the local amenities?
Yes, we went to the Tybee Marine Center last time. We did the “Sift and Seine” where you go into the ocean to find sea creatures. We’ve also done Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours . We have not climbed the Lighthouse yet but have taken lots of pictures of it.

So, you say Tybee Island is your happy place….
Everyone is so appreciative to see us. Every person we encountered was happy every day. We have been to Disney [World] before for vacation and you get tired, and it’s not like that.
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