Spice Up Your Feed in Sun Valley: Our Favorite Photo Opportunities this Winter

Oscar Wilde once said, “Memory is the diary we all carry about with us” and we couldn’t agree more. After years of vacations, adventures, and all the happy moments in between, it can seem daunting to try to keep each memory perfectly sealed in time. Fortunately, we live in a world where we can seamlessly capture these special moments with cameras, the internet, and the option to upgrade the storage capacity on your phone.

Social media has become a leading outlet for photo sharing and is the perfect time capsule for your favorite memories. Unsurprisingly, Sun Valley is one of the country’s most picturesque winter destinations, making it the ideal location to add to your photo time capsule. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger with plenty of Instagram followers or you prefer to keep it low-key by admiring your photos from your camera roll, we’ve compiled our favorite Sun Valley spots to inspire your next photo op.

Fondue at The Roundhouse

Boulder Mountain Tour

For the Foodie | Fondue at The Roundhouse
After a long day of hitting the slopes, reserve a cozy table at The Roundhouse for a well-deserved rest and recharge with delicious eats. Replete with breathtaking mountain views, The Roundhouse is one of our favorite places to recount the excitement of the day. The best menu selections for après-ski? Order the Fondue for Two and one of their Winter Warmer cocktails. We promise, no one will judge you for taking a picture of your food.
Our Photo Suggestion: Channel your inner pro and switch your camera to portrait mode to capture the pure magnificence of melted cheese and a boozy coffee.

For the Thrill Seeker | Boulder Mountain Tour | February 1-6 2022
You scroll through your feed and you already have quite a few photos of you and friends skiing together, but of course, you’ll need to up the ante in Sun Valley. The 49th Annual Boulder Mountain Tour will be held in Ketchum from February 1-6 and everyone from beginner to advanced skiers are invited to register. Strap on your skis, your race number, and snap a photo of yourself on Boulder Mountain. The likes you’ll get on this photo will just be a bonus to the unforgettable memories you’ll have of shredding the pristine trails of Sun Valley.
Our Photo Suggestion: A multi-shot of you before and after the Boulder Mountain Tour. Grab some friends you made on the slopes and make it a group photo!

Sleigh Ride

Sun Valley Film Festival

For the Mommy Blogger | Sleigh Ride
Looking for a family-friendly activity for everyone to enjoy? Bundle up and book yourselves a classic horse-drawn sleigh ride from Bald Mountain to Proctor Mountain. Admire the dreamy, snowy vistas and allow yourself to enjoy the quiet beauty of winter in Sun Valley. Bring a few extra blankets and huddle close, you’ll have endless opportunities to snap selfies and landscape shots.
Our Photo Suggestion: Make a friend on the sleigh and ask them to take a picture of your group. It might be hard to see smiles under all your layers, but that’s the fun of it!

For the Dreamer | Sun Valley Film Festival | March 30- April 3, 2022
Film enthusiasts and visionaries flock to Sun Valley each year for their annual Film Festival. Complete with exclusive film screenings, filmmaker Q&As, and plenty of events each night, you’ll experience the excitement and starry-eyed wonder of Hollywood from Sun Valley. This provides plenty of photo opportunities - from the parties to the seminars you’ll definitely want to make sure you have enough room on your camera roll.
Our Photo Suggestion: Snag your favorite filmmaker and ask for a picture! Be sure to tag them if they’re on social media.

Snowshoe Bridges Trail

Stanley Winterfest

For the Nature Enthusiast | Snowshoe Bridges Trail
Is skiing not exactly your thing but you still want to explore Sun Valley on foot? Snowshoeing is a great alternative to skiing and the nordic trails are groomed for a variety of different skill levels. Tucked in the Sawtooth Mountains, Bridges Trail is a 2.6-mile, dog-friendly loop that boasts stunning mountain views and endless locations for a photo shoot. Take some time to admire the snow-covered trees and keep your eye out for wildlife!
Our Photo Suggestions: We challenge you to take notice of the small beauties provided by Mother Nature while on your snowshoeing route. Take a few photos that make you feel connected to and inspired by Sun Valley!

For the Sun Valley Newbie | Stanley Winterfest | February 18-19, 2022
You’ve never been to Sun Valley before? Let 2022 be the year you resolve to fix that. One of the best winter festivals in the country, Stanley Winterfest, will be returning to Sun Valley for their 13th year and it is the perfect place to take pictures. This family-friendly event happens every President’s Day weekend and features a robust calendar of events, including a glow in the dark parade, snow raft races, pick-up ice hockey, as well as plenty of drinks, food, and epic dance parties. Pack your warmest après-ski gear and prepare for one of the most fun-filled winter weekends you’ll have this year.
Our Suggestion: Enter the Outhouse Race and take a team photo with your creation! (Confused? Check this out….)

Ready to take this inspiration session to Sun Valley for the real thing? Book your stay in Sun Valley, Idaho and make this winter one to remember. Be sure to tag us on social media so we can follow you along on your adventures! @NaturalRetreats #openthedoortomore.