Snowcat Skiing at Grand Targhee | Natural Retreats

Snowcat Skiing at Grand Targhee

Starting from $379 per person


Experience up to 15,000 vertical feet in just one day of skiing!

Hop on the Snowcat and be in awe of the fresh tracks you can make in a single ski day on the Snowcat at Grand Targhee. Led by knowledgeable guides, this will be the fresh powder experience of a lifetime!
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Cabins at Teton Springs US Xplore Team

"Discovering the serenity of Victor Idaho and Teton Springs is my favorite Winter escape."

Stephen spent the past two summers at the South Fork Lodge with his dog and best friend Bert. He prides himself in living a life of adventure, and some of his passions are the outdoors, fellowship, and fly-fishing. Stephen is excited to help you 'Live the Dream'!