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The Natural Realty Difference

Our Story

We believe that leading families to a real estate purchase is only the beginning of the relationship, and that the life inspired by that buying decision is our opportunity to serve... and serve well. Natural Realty has the privilege of offering truly distinct Concierge Services for the life of their ownership journey, and we will be here when they choose to pass that torch to someone else.

Life is bursting with vast wild beauty, adventure and peace. It's that life we relentlessly pursue and want to share with the world.

We created a realty company that is part travel and resort specialist and a leading Realtor in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Natural Realty will be the first realty company that truly understands the sales process from a resort guest perspective, as a potential owner of a Natural Retreat Residence, and finally as a lifelong homeowner, supported at every moment of the journey by Natural Retreats Concierges and Natural Retreats related services.

Our Approach

We provide unparalleled service that extends to every part of what we do.

Our Locations

Our collective experience and expertise affords us the rare opportunity to craft resort communities that preserve the character, beauty and traditions of the landscapes they call home.