Kayaking & Canoeing near Hot Springs, Va

Starting from $50 per person


With miles and miles of gorgeous rivers to discover, experience the authentic beauty of Virginia with a paddling excursion.

Head to the Milk House Market to rent your paddle and canoe, and head to the water. Bring your fishing rod to have a go at reeling in some trout, or pack your camera to document your adventures. With 17 miles of scenic nature views, the Jackson River provides hours of exploring the nature and wildlife of the Old Dominion in the comfort of your canoe.


US Xplore Team

I love exploring on horseback, and the food at the Milk House Market. My kids love the game room in the Old Dairy Community Center. "

Colleen possesses a deep love of the outdoors, specifically horseback riding, travel, and hospitality. She is excited to immerse herself into, and learn about, new cultures and customs.