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Tried and tested - our favourite pet-friendly Natural Retreats!

Ever felt that guilt of leaving your four-legged friend behind while you set off on your holiday adventure? Or struggled to find luxurious hideaways that welcome man’s best friend?

We understand that a family holiday is not the same unless everyone’s invited, which is why dogs (and cats!) are welcome at any of Natural Retreats' UK locations and Castlemartyr in County Cork, Ireland. We sat down with our NR animal-loving team (and their gorgeous pets!) to find out how they take advantage of our pet-friendly escapes…

Adam, Head of Technical Services

Hi Adam, tell us about your pets…
We have Rokit, a lively little Lhasa Apso and Daisy, our wonderful Tibetan Terrier.

They’re gorgeous! Which of our Retreats have Rokit and Daisy stayed at?
They have stayed at Trewhiddle, Llŷn Peninsula and the Yorkshire Dales so are very well travelled, plus as a family we also spent a lot of time in the picturesque Rock and Padstow last week.

What made you decide to bring the dogs on your adventures?
We took the pets simply because they are part of the family and enjoy holidays just as much as we do! There are more and more beaches, cafes and restaurants that are pet friendly – it’s clear that pets are very much included in businesses thinking about tourism. It’s now not absurd to ask if you can bring your dog into a café/shop, as it feels like the ones that don’t allow them are in the minority!

So, what would be your top tips for travelling with pets?
Our advice for traveling with dogs would have to be… give them a big walk before you start off to get their business out of the way and also to wear them out! It’s also wise to plan additional stops for toilet and exercise breaks (we highly recommend Gloucester services!). Make sure to bring their beds and plenty of towels for those sandy beach days, and as any dog owner will know, never go anywhere with your dog without a pocket full of dog bags!

Your favourite way to spend the day with pets in tow?
It would have to be rock pooling, frisbee & ball on the beach, infinite digging on the sand, swimming in the sea (or gentle paddling in the case of Rokit) and hiking the Camel trail from Padstow to Wadebridge (we had to get the bus back because it was too hot for the wee Rokit!)

Tom, Property Sales Manager

So, introduce us to your pet Tom…
This is our Great Dane, Axel!

He’s amazing! Which retreats has Axel visited?
So far, Axel has made it all the way to John O’Groats on the tip of Scotland, plus has had a few adventures at our original site in the Yorkshire Dales.

What made you decide to take your four-legged friend on holiday?
Both Retreats are fantastic for walking Axel. He enjoys the beach up in John O’Groats and loves to chase the many wild rabbits in the Yorkshire Dales (although he never catches them)!

Your top tip for travelling with pets?
Always make sure to have plenty of stops when driving, to keep your pet as stress free as possible and break up the journey. Then, just enjoy the area as dogs love new walks.

So Tom, what is your favourite pet-friendly activity at our Natural Retreats?
Definitely walking!

Jan, IT Infrastructure and Support Manager

Let’s meet your four-legged friend Jan…
This is Rudy and he’s a cat!

We love cats too! So where has Rudy travelled to?
Rudy had a long journey up to John O’Groats recently, where he spent a few days fully relaxing and enjoying the cosy spots of our luxury lodges.

What made you decide to bring Rudy on your travels?
He loves sleeping in the car, so the drive was perfect for him and chilling on the sofa is his favourite. He found many nooks and crannies to snooze in, including the welcome hamper (once it was empty!)

How did you prepare Rudy for his holiday?
I didn’t feed him the morning of his trip, to prevent travel sickness and to keep him calm. Once we arrived to the lodge, we gave him plenty of treats to settle him in.

To find out more on our pet-friendly locations and what you can find in our delightful doggie hampers, call or e-mail our expert Xplore Team!