5 Tricks and Tips for Competitve Fly Fishing

One Fly Fishermen Gives 5 Tricks and Tips for Competitive Fly Fishing

The Jackson Hole One Fly Tournament kicked off this month in Jackson, bringing fly fisherman from around the world together together on the Snake River. The goal? To raise awareness for conservation efforts to improve Trout populations and stream pollution.

The name "One Fly" comes from the rules of the tournament. Each fisherman only gets one fly per day, and the guides are heavily involved in this process through selecting the type of fly and tie they give to the fishermen on their team and where they choose to fish.

Starting in Jackson and making their way up the Snake River to southern Idaho, the tournament lasted three days, showcasing some of the best fly fisherman and guiding talent out there.
We caught up with Jonathan Lancaster, head of the Outfitters at South Fork Lodge to hear his top five tips when fly fishing...

1.Fish a fly you have confidence in.
When you only get one fly each day of the tournament, you learn that picking the right fly has everything to do with your success.

2.If possible, use a larger size hook which is less likely to bend and allows you to use larger tippet.
Everyone has a personal preference, but I definitely like to use a larger tippet.

3.Be conservative when fishing fast or snaggy banks.
Proceed with caution, since these are the areas where you can lose your fly.

4. When fighting fish, try to keep them underwater.
Most of the time when you lose a fish, it's while they are thrashing on the surface.

5.Trust Your Guide!
The guides at South Fork know the Snake River like the back of their hand, offer great advice and know where to find the best fish.

To learn more about how you can get involved, visit jacksonholeonefly.com or check out NaturalRetreats.com to plan your own visit to the Snake River.

Originally posted on Fishhound on September 25, 2015.