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Escape Surf School

Sitting high up on the clifftop, overlooking the vast Towan Beach, the Escape Surf School (head up by internationally recognised pro-surfer Mike Young and his wife Lynsey) offers some of, if not the best, surfing lessons in the whole of Cornwall! We were lucky enough to get some quality board-time with Mike during a private lesson on the Newquay coast, and we couldn't be more excited to share our epic outdoor adventures...

Providing expertly led group lessons for beginners both young and old (and those who are a little more confident on two feet!) Escape Surf School has been an integral part of the Newquay surf scene for over 11 years now. From a complete novice's perspective it's reassuring to know that you're in safe hands, especially those of Head Coach Mike Young who has been a pro-surfer for 35 years, and his handpicked team of instructors!

With wet-suit, board and boots included in the price of the lesson, all you need to remember to bring from your luxurious Fistral Beach apartment, is your swimsuit and towel (although, to be honest they had plenty of fresh spares to borrow if not!). Once we were suited and booted, we were paired with our boards and began the breath-taking descent down to the beach.

From the comfort of the sand (and despite a little Great British drizzle), Mike schooled us on the art of surf, using his incredible, photographic memory and passionate knowledge to break the infamous 'pop-up' down into four simple steps. As we ran headfirst into the water (where our winter wet-suits kept us surprisingly snug) we were completely hooked from the word go.

Unique to Escape, Mike spent the entire 2 hours with us in the sea, assessing the tides and swells, before pushing us out into the break and relieving us of any tricky paddling - allowing us to focus completely on our 4-step technique. When Mike promised us that we'd ALL be standing on the board by the end of the lesson I was initially sceptical, but to our absolute delight each of us managed to churn out the moves in order and ride the waves to the shoreline.

Having agreed that the 2-hour lesson was one of the most unforgettable experiences we'd ever had, we headed back to the inviting outdoor showers and heated changing rooms at Escape HQ. With rosy cheeks and ear-to-ear grins we stocked up on drinks and snacks at Bellushi's bar next door, and toasted to an incredible afternoon.

For young explorers, groups of friends, adventurous families and romantic duos, we wholeheartedly recommend pairing your next Natural Retreat to Fistral Beach with a visit to Mike and the gang...

2 hour lesson including all equipment hire and clothing is just £35, with longer lessons and other packages available for those looking to advance their skills!