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Explore Lucca; the Walled City

This ancient Tuscan city is located close to the Tyrrhenian Sea on the tranquil River Serchio. Lucca's old city walls are still standing and can be dated back to the Renaissance era. However, rather than protecting the inhabitants, these beautiful walls now serve as quaint walkways and cycle paths that take visitors around the perimeter of the city.

If you love a good walk, Lucca is the perfect place to stretch your legs whilst exploring the beauty of Tuscany. The pathways along the stony walls offer wonderful panoramic views of Lucca's historic buildings, and keep explorers can climb several of the towers to get an even better viewpoint. The narrow streets and maze like walkways are packed full of beautiful churches, dotted amongst quintessential Italian shops where there are many treats to sample.

Perfect for those who like to immerse themselves in local culture and events, Lucca plays host to a variety of well known festivals, so before you travel, it's a great idea to find out what's going on and see if you can work some fun into your itinerary. The Lucca Summer Festival attracts famous bands and singers, and for those who love an operatic evening, an Puccini opera festival is held every year in Torre del Lago.

Apart from the Walled City, Lucca boasts 1,200km of underground cave systems to discover. The Apuan Alps Regional Park allows visitors to explore the Monte Corchia cave system (the third deepest in Italy!). With their own unique micro-climate, the caves have incredible collections of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as beautiful, natural underwater growths known as 'cave pearls'.

Foodies will fall in love with Lucca as this region has plenty of delicios home recipes, which can be found across the culinary spectrum. From restaurants to markets, make sure you keep an eye out for tortelli lucchese, (fresh pasta stuffed with meat and served simply with ragu). If you want the authentic experience, then dive into the tasty salted cod with olive oil and black pepper.

A visit to Lucca is less than 30 minutes through the scenic Italian countryside, from the following villas:
Ariana, Beatrice, Cinzia & Daria

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