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5 reasons why we love summer

Amanda’s face is one you’ll remember if you've holidayed in the Yorkshire Dales. Hers is the first you’ll see on arrival, she’s the one who packs your welcome hamper full of goodies, demonstrates how to use your log-burning fire and is just a text or phone-call away at all hours! So, as our resident Yorkshire expert, we wanted to find out her plans for summer 2016…

What do you most look forward to about Summer in the Yorkshire Dales?

Summer for us is always that bit busier as we have a mix of weddings, corporate and holiday guests. I love the rush of being busy and even more so when the sun is shining!!

What personal qualities do you have that make you a great General Manager?

I think the qualities that one needs to be a great GM is the ability to multi-task. This job is so diverse and no two days are ever the same, which certainly can make things exciting at times!! Also, I think you also need to be able to delegate to your team. Teamwork is number one in my opinion and I think if you have an amazing team with you, you can achieve anything!

Are you looking forward to wedding season?

Yes! Absolutely - being part of a couples special day is incredibly rewarding! No two weddings are ever the same and I love seeing the individual and personal touches that each couple brings to the venue!

What motivates you to carry on with a smile, even when it’s a little stressful?

For me guest satisfaction is paramount, no matter what happens or how stressful it gets I always strive to make sure that everyone on site is happy and enjoying their holiday with us. Knowing that a guest is leaving happy motivates me to continuously improve, and seeing them return to your site is fantastic!

What makes our eco-lodges perfect for summer stays?

Our lodges are so bright and spacious and with the large outdoor decks they are the perfect spot to kick back on the deck chairs and gather round for a BBQ with family and friends!

If you're summer plans involve an indulgent stay in our luxury lodges, make sure to secure your availability by booking online today!