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Horseback Riding in the Big Hole Mountains

Starting from $75 per person

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Eastern Idaho as seen from atop a horse is just about as beautiful as it gets.

Discover the epic beauty of the Teton Range on a customized tour with the experienced guides of Linn Canyon Ranch. These tours are fully guided, and can be crafted around your specific needs and riding ability, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider. Each ride begins with basic riding instruction, and there are multiple types of tours from 2 hour ranch rides to full day wilderness rides. You’ll explore the greater Teton and Jackson Hole area, where you’ll wind through open fields and lush aspen groves with views of the incredible encompassing mountains and local wildlife. Experience Teton Valley in true old west fashion!
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Cabins at Teton Springs US Xplore Team

"Discovering the serenity of Victor Idaho and Teton Springs is my favorite Winter escape."

Stephen spent the past two summers at the South Fork Lodge with his dog and best friend Bert. He prides himself in living a life of adventure, and some of his passions are the outdoors, fellowship, and fly-fishing. Stephen is excited to help you 'Live the Dream'!