Your Guide to South Fork Lodge
with xplore expert Stephen

Why We Love South Fork Lodge

Eastern Idaho is home to lush landscapes, abundant riding trails, and of course, top-notch fishing. Come to South Fork Lodge and experience the world-class, guided fly-fishing on the South Fork of the Snake River! To help you make the most of your trip, our Xplore Team expert, Stephen, has outlined a sample, 3-day fishing itinerary, including some of the best places to cast your fly.

South Fork Lodge, known for its world class fly fishing and ideal location on the Snake River, is a true haven for the river-dweller in all of us. There are opportunities for anglers of all skill levels, beginning with casting lessons from our knowledgeable guides and ending with tours through some of the best fly fisheries in the country. Couple the fishing trip of a lifetime with a night at our luxurious riverside camp and visits to nearby national parks, and your stay at South Fork lodge will earn you unmatched bragging rights.

Day 1

Casting Lesson & Upper Section Fishing

Warm up your casting arm and spend the day at the upper canyon section with our expert guides.

Here, you can fish for browns, cutthroat, and rainbows while you take in the stunning Snake River scenery.


Private Lessons

Refine your casting skills with a private lesson from one of our knowledgeable guides.


Fall Creek Falls

Enjoy a picnic lunch at Fall Creek Falls, a majestic cascade of waterfalls embedded in the encompassing landscape.


Riverside Bar and Grill

South Fork of the Snake River

Day 2

Fishing the Canyon

Today, use the skills you honed on day one for an even more exciting second day.

Set out with your guide for the upper canyon section, where you can spot a variety of wildlife.


Canyon Section

Make your way through the Canyon section, which is populated with big game animals like moose, and the famous Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout.


Overnight at Riverside Camp

Arrive at camp where your luggage, appetizers, and a cocktail will be waiting for you. Overnight in our luxury Riverside Camp and let the river sing you to sleep.

Riverside Camp

Day 3

Fish the Lower Canyon Section

Wake up at the riverside camp, alongside the beautiful flowing river.

Enjoy another day of fishing to round out your trip, and satisfy your appetite with a delicious meal at the lodge.


Fishing in the Lower Canyon Section

Continue fishing the canyon, this time at the lower section which is known for its breathtaking beauty and tranquility.


Riverside Bar & Grill

Return to the lodge and relax before an excellent dinner on the deck overlooking The Snake.

South Fork of the Snake River

Local Tips & Expertise

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South Fork Lodge US Xplore Team

"My happy place is South Fork Lodge. The fishing is top notch and the atmosphere at the lodge in the evenings can't be beat."

Stephen spent the past summer at the South Fork Lodge with his dog and best friend Bert –he truly cherishes this unique fishing haven. Stephen prides himself in living a life of adventure, and some of his passions are the outdoors, fellowship, and fly-fishing. He is excited to help you 'Live the Dream'!