Why We Love Aspen, CO in the Winter
Your Guide to Aspen
with xplore expert Jess

Why We Love Aspen in the Winter

Of course Aspen offers the skiing and snowboarding trip of a lifetime, but there is so much to see and experience in the area. If you’re looking for a vacation in which to enjoy amazing powder and endless winter activity, look no further than Aspen. To help you make the most of your trip, our Xplore Team expert, Jess, has outlined a sample 3-day itinerary.

Aspen’s reputation as a world-class skiing and snowboarding destination is well-earned by its quality slopes and celebrated ski schools. Come for the winter and stay for the summer, as Coloradans say, to enjoy the dream-like scenery on incredible hiking or mountain biking excursions when the snow melts. And of course, the rich arts culture of the area make Aspen a well-rounded vacation destination at any and all times of the year.

Day 1

Greet Ajax

On your first day, find out why Aspen is hailed as a world-class winter destination.

Discover the culture that makes Aspen so special and visit one of the many art and music venues that host memorable events all year long.


Skiing Ajax

Ski or snowboard the same terrain enjoyed by ESPN Winter X Games athletes and experience the legend of Aspen in its finest form.


Ski Butlers

Full service professionals will deliver equipment right to your doorstep or come to fix any issues you may have with your rental.


Explore Aspen

Venture around town and enjoy a show, exhibit, or another of the many exciting cultural events happening every day in Aspen.

Endless Skiing

Day 2

Leave your mark

Lay your claim to Aspen Mountain on a Powder Tour which allows you access to some of the best untracked powder around.

After a morning of skiing, there's no better feeling than kicking your feet up on a serene sleigh ride.


Snowcat Tour

Ride a luxury snowcat to untouched Aspen backcountry to shred fresh tracks.


Sleigh Ride

The view of the Rocky Mountains from a cozy sleigh pulled by majestic draft horses is a memory you'll cherish.

Tour the Mountain

Day 3

Unmatched scenery

You won’t want to leave Aspen without visiting the most photographed mountain range in North America.

There's no better way to end your trip than to experience the surreal splendor of Maroon Bells.


Snowmobiling or Snowshoeing

Maroon Bells is inaccessible by car in the winter, so strap on some skis or hop on a snowmobile to reach this incredible destination.


Maroon Bells

When you arrive you are greeted by a panoramic view of dual snow-capped mountains and their reflections in a clear lake below - a dreamlike scene you won’t soon forget.


Pine Creek Cookhouse

Stop in for delicious American cuisine with incredible mountain views.

Snowmobile to Maroon Bells

Local Tips & Expertise

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US Xplore Team

“I get so excited for our guests when they book their vacations because I’ve been there and I know just how much fun is in store.”

Jess has 3 years of experience in the travel and outfitting industries and has traveled extensively in the US and Europe. She loves kayaking, hiking, and exploring as much of the world as she can. She vows to never stop exploring!