Fishing The Florida Keys

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Fishing The Florida Keys

Fishing In The Keys
Florida flats fishing revolves around three coveted species: tarpon, bonefish, and permit. While these fish are pursued in many countries, the Florida Keys region is globally recognized as one of the world's most spectacular angling destinations. This is due both to the fishery's diversity and its ability to produce trophy-sized fish. Depending on time of year and fishing conditions, anglers may target one of the mentioned species, but all three can be found in the keys year-round.
In many ways, fishing the flats is more like stalking than anything else. The fishing is done from the elevated deck of a flats skiff, allowing the caster to spot fish from a distance. Because this type of fishing is often done in very shallow water, a stealthy approach is critical, and guides use push poles from an elevated platform to maneuver anglers into position. Very little blind casting is done from a flats skiff. Locating fish is everything, and once a fish has been spotted, it is the captain's job to place the angler in a position from which he can present a fly effectively. This is a challenging task since the fish, tide, and wind may all be traveling in different directions. Nevertheless, having a well-trained guide like Zach chase down a string of rolling tarpon and spin you into position for a perfect cast is one of the most exciting moments in all of angling.
The Florida Keys are home to a thriving ecosystem, and, in addition to the three "glamour species", many other fish inhabit these waters. Anglers wishing to pursue other species can easily target barracuda, sharks, cobia, redfish, snook, snapper, and grouper. These waters are alive, and the possibilities are endless. While fly fishing is often the focus for anglers visiting the keys, trips can easily be arranged for guests who would like to target any of the mentioned species using conventional tackle.

What to Bring
Remember that while all fishing equipment can and will be provided, guests are welcome to bring their own personal tackle. We recommend bringing these additional items:
• All guests should pack a quality, light-weight rain jacket.
• Light colored long pants and long sleeved shirts will protect you from the sun. Be careful about wearing shorts and tee shirts all day on a flats skiff, especially if you are unaccustomed to the tropical heat.
• A good hat with a bill makes it easier to see fish and keeps the sun off your face.
• A buff and sun gloves can also make a huge difference.
• You will be standing for most of the day, so be sure to wear comfortable, soft-soled shoes.
• Perhaps the most important item will be your sunglasses. We recommend a brown, copper, or amber lens.

Whether you prefer a large luxurious resort or a quaint bed and breakfast, the Lower Keys can provide exactly what you are looking for. The Xplore Team can provide recommendations and handle your reservations.

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