A Cape San Blas Q&A

Stellar service levels made this families’ Cape San Blas vacation memorable. From time to time we will post articles featuring guests who provide their thoughts on what makes a Natural Retreats vacation stand out.

When Doug Tierney and his family recently traveled to Cape San Blas, Florida from their home near Atlanta, they had no idea that their vacation would be such a dream. Doug and his wife, teenage son and in-laws stayed at Bayside Sportsman's Paradise. Although seasoned travelers, it was their first Natural Retreats stay and he was, well, blown away.

How did you hear about Natural Retreats?
I’ve known about the property and am familiar with Cape San Blas. We reserved it before Hurricane Michael. I conducted an online search and found it through Natural Retreats.

You’ve vacationed all over the country and stayed on Cape San Blas almost a dozen times. So, what struck you as being different about this trip?
It was our first time with Natural Retreats. The level of service was over the top! The local personnel sent text messages, called us, and to say they responded promptly to any questions we had is an understatement. We’ve stayed at lots of other vacation homes, but I have never experienced this level of service.

What was it about Bayside Sportsman’s Paradise that you particularly liked?
There were no cleanliness issues. Also, there is a pool, screened in porch, dock and hot tub. If we go back with a smaller party, we may try a smaller home.

What is it about Cape San Blas that keeps you coming back?
It is a lovely area. You can bike, kayak, and a standout activity is to go out into St. Joe's Bay. The water is crystal clear. My in-laws explored the Bay and even compared it to the Florida Keys. It is not crowded with retail shops - just a relaxing place to get away. There are a few good markets that cater to eating at home.

So, you truly did not have to venture out and about to enjoy yourself?
No. We loved the big dock and the pool at the home.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, we have a 12-pound poodle Shih tzu mix named Stella. She came with us! The property had a nice yard, and the home was pet-friendly.

Have you also vacationed internationally?
No, but we do travel a lot: Florida, Georgia… When you have three kids in college and one in high school vacations can be costly! I feel like our vacation with Natural Retreats was tremendous bang for the buck.

What would you say to someone thinking about taking a Natural Retreats vacation?
They (local staff) treated us like we were their only concern in the world. The service and responsiveness was over the top. We are experienced renters, and that level of service made a big difference.

What are your next travel plans?
We may be coming back to Cape San Blas in the fall, but next spring for sure.

Have you ever been over to another one of our beach locations, Sea Islands, South Carolina?
It is lovely there. We may go there sometime in the future. But we will always seek out Natural Retreats!
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Has Doug convinced you to book your next vacation?

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