8 Advantages to Early Ski Season by Natural Retreats

Ski season is upon us! And if you're like most winter sports enthusiasts, you're probably chomping at the bit to hit the slopes. With ski resorts around the world opening for the early season, you can enjoy remarkable skiing and snowboarding conditions at a fraction of the price along with other early-season advantages. So, don't miss out—pack your bags and head for the slopes.

Enjoy shorter lines during early ski season. [Photo Credit: Jackson Blackhurst]

More powder days for the early birds. [Photo Credit: Libby Ellis]

Here are 8 Reasons Why Early-Season Skiing is the Best

  • Shorter lift lines: Nobody likes waiting in line, especially on an epic powder day! Early-season skiing means fewer skiers and shorter lines.

  • Uncrowded slopes: You’ll have the slopes largely to yourself, which means more time to explore the mountain. Ski the entire resort like you own it!

  • Access direct flights: Many major airlines, like United and American, add additional flights during ski season, so you’ll have access to more direct routes—spend more time skiing and less time traveling.

  • Accommodation availability: Ski season is one of the busiest times of year for vacation rental companies like Natural Retreats, so it’s important to book early. Especially if you want dibs on the best properties, like our Luxury Ski Homes Collection.

  • More pow-pow: If you're a powder-hound, then you'll love early-season powder days and all that untracked snow.

  • More snow: Natural Retreats offers accommodations in your favorite high-elevation ski towns across the northern United States, which means more snow. Consider Park City (elevation 7,000'), Sun Valley (elevation 5,950'), Breckenridge (elevation 9,600'), and Big Sky (elevation 7,200') for your next early ski season destination.

  • Zen on the mountain: After months spent working hard and juggling commitments, it feels pretty darn good to finally relax and let loose on the slopes. And with fewer people around, it’s easier to clear your head and just breathe.

  • With less people on the mountain, ski it like you own it. [Photo Credit: stockstudioX]

    Don't forget to soak up all the beauty while riding solo. [Photo Credit: Keri Bascetta]

    Advice from the Resident Ski Experts of Natural Retreats

  • Ashleigh Miller:

    “With less vehicle traffic on the roads and fewer people on the mountain, early-season skiing can be a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.”

  • Libby Ellis:

    “One of my favorite benefits to early season skiing is getting your ski legs under you. By getting in shape earlier in the season, you’ll be able to outlast the crowds and get your full day of powder in.”

  • Samantha Felix:

    “I’m actually very new to skiing, but I find a lot of peace in nature. Any day learning on the mountain is better than being in the office, so to speak."

    With iconic world-renowned ski destinations across the country, Natural Retreats has got you covered this early ski season. Book your winter escape now!

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