When flying into Albuquerque, there are two routes we recommend taking. Both offer different experiences and you should plan on taking one on your way to Taos and the other on your way back.

The High Road to Taos is a scenic, 56 mile winding road through the San de Cristo Mountains between Santa Fe and Taos. It winds through high deserts, mountains, forests, small farms, and tiny Spanish Land Grant villages. Along the way there are galleries and studios of traditional artisans as well as fantastic photo opportunities, each of which are detailed by your personal concierge when planning out your itinerary.

The Low Road is more of a gradual route, and it follows the Rio Grande Gorge. In addition to the immense basalt cliffs, you’ll view orchards, ancient piñon and juniper forests and cross the Rio Grande via the incredible feat of engineering – The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

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