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When spending your vacation time within such a picturesque and wondrous wilderness, it’s a case of having too many things to do within too little time! Make the most of your time by allowing our professional concierge staff to advise you and arrange your activities during your stay.

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Here at Natural Retreats South Fork Lodge we have unparalleled access to one of finest trout fisheries in the United States. With almost seventy miles of river within easy reach of our lodge, we are able to insure that every guest’s experience will be a memorable one. The South Fork boasts great diversity in both fishing opportunities and wildlife. Whether you are looking for breathtaking scenery, world class dry fly fishing, or simply a relaxing day on the river, the guides at Natural Retreats will work hard to meet your needs.

Upon arriving at The Outfitters you will meet your professional guide who will listen to any specific requests and help to plan your fishing experience. Whether it is your first day in a drift boat or your tenth trip this year, your guide will make sure that you are outfitted with the equipment needed to make your day a success. If you are lucky enough to be spending multiple days with us, your guide will try to arrange an itinerary that will allow you to see different water each day. At Natural Retreats we see it as our mission to help you create lasting memories. We take our job seriously and pride ourselves on individualized service. Our guide staff sees each morning as an opportunity to build relationships and eliminate stress from your vacation experience.

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Fathers and sons have long spent quality time together on the river. The river is less than 100 feet away from the lodge and provides the perfect opportunity for parents to teach their children to love and appreciate the outdoors. If keeping your feet on dry land is more appealing, take a trail ride through Rainey Creek and end your day by trying a square ice cream cone at the creek’s country store.

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The canyon stretch of the South Fork of the Snake is a remote scenic wilderness mecca. Guests begin their journey from the Conant boat launch located at the foot of our South Fork Lodge and take off for a full day of adventure. Winding twelve miles through rock formations formed over twelve million years ago, the cliff walls offer excellent bird habitat for 126 bird species. It is not uncommon to see bald eagles skirting over the water surface in search of fish. You’ll likely see other wildlife like moose, deer, elk, mountain goats, mountain lions, black bear, river otters, beaver, and minks. Throughout the float, guest will see the various natural beauties like the Cottonwood Gallery―the largest riparian cottonwood gallery in the west. During the fall, the walls of the forest explode into gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges that are exclusive in the magnitude of size for the west. Opportunities to get out of the boat and explore are also available with short hikes through Gormer Canyon and the Canyon Rim Trail.

Prices are $125 pp, includes lunch and transport. Trip lasts 4 hours, with a minimum of 3 required and a maximum of 5 people per trip. Canyon section will be booked as able. Children who can swim are welcome. PFDs will be issued to all guests. 

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South Fork Lodge guests have been given access to use the pool and other facilities at the Teton Springs Lodge and Spa for a daily fee. We also welcome South Fork guests to add any number of spa treatments to complement a full, relaxing day at Teton Springs. Guests are welcome to pay upon arrival.

The Palisades Reservoir, to the southeast of Swan Valley, is a 16,000 acre pool that’s perfect for boating and viewing wildlife. Catch a few fish while you’re there and your day is complete. If the fishing close to the lodge or on the reservoir hasn’t satisfied your appetite for angling, there’s more on the Hansen Guest Ranch, which also provides hiking, hunting and more across its 17.5 acres.

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If your golf bag travels wherever you do, you can take a drive up Route 31 to the Teton Reserve Golf Course to practice your swing. If your mountain bikes travel with you, try the Swan Valley Area Mountain Bike Trails. To explore at a more leisurely pace consider instead one of the area’s many hiking trails. Both the bike and hiking trails begin at the East Ririe Highway.

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The world’s first national park, a sliver of which lies in eastern Idaho, now attracts more than 2.8 million visitors each year. Yellowstone’s 3472 square miles contain hundreds of uncommon sites including 10,000 thermal features and more than 60 species of mammals, 320 species of birds and a half-dozen game fish. Elk, moose and bison can frequently be seen by passing visitors.

One of the most popular routes to Yellowstone is Hwy. 20. Along the way you can stop in Rigby and learn about the invention of television at the Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum which houses over 14,000 square-feet of pre-electric and early electric-era exhibitions. The museum honors former resident and inventor of the first television picture tube, Philo T. Farnsworth. About a half an hour north of Idaho Falls sits the pleasant community of Rexburg, which was rebuilt after the devastating flood in 1976 when the newly constructed Teton dam burst, pouring billions of gallons of water through town. The Teton Flood Museum details the tragedy and the townsfolk’s reactions to it, and also offers pioneer relics and an extensive opal and agate collection. Rexburg is also home to the International Dance and Music Festival held each summer on the campus of BYU-Idaho. Hundreds of dancers from around the world come to Idaho to perform and share their cultural heritage. Free events include opening and closing ceremonies, street dances, a parade.

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Located at the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the Rockefeller Parkway connects Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. The late conservationist and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. made significant contributions to several national parks including Grand Teton, Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains, and Virgin Islands.

In 1972 Congress dedicated a 24,000 acre parcel of land as John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway to recognize his generosity and foresight. Congress also named the highway from the south boundary of Grand Teton to West Thumb in Yellowstone in honor of Rockefeller.

The parkway provides a natural link between the two national parks and contains features characteristic of both areas. In the parkway, the Teton Range tapers to a gentle slope at its northern edge, while rocks born of volcanic flows from Yellowstone line the Snake River and form outcroppings scattered atop hills and ridges.

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