Imagine if you drew a line from New York to New Orleans, and another from Chicago to Savannah. You’d find the point at which they cross to be a place called Highlands in North Carolina. In the late 1800s, when these four cities were the trading Meccas of America, Kansas-based developers expected their intersection to become America’s greatest crossroads. Little did they know this point was located deep in the mountains of North Carolina. Not exactly the easiest road to navigate when you’re travelling in 1875. But they began to build anyways, and by 1880, churches, schools, post offices, and general stores sprung up to form their initial community of what is now Highlands, North Carolina. Instead of becoming a trading crossroads for America, however, Highlands became a health and luxury resort.

Highlands is located at 4,000 feet above sea level on the highest crest of the western North Carolina plateau in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. With some of the most spectacular views in the Southern United States, you will be completely enamored by your surroundings! Plus, if you’re looking to beat the summer heat, with the elevation and clean mountain air Highlands averages 20 degrees below Atlanta and Charlotte temperatures. Plus, it’s the only temperate rainforest east of the Mississippi River, so even on warm days, the brief afternoon rains sweep through and clear out humidity with the heat.

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