Our expert Concierge Team all have first hand knowledge of our Retreats. Kelly Rowland visited Natural Retreats John O’Groats and here are her top five recommendations.

  1. The Natural Explorer boat ride was definitely a highlight of the trip for us, we were out at sea for around an hour and saw many seals and loads of birdlife too. No killer whales on this trip but I have seen the photos of them. Natural Retreats supplied all the wet weather gear, so you just need to ensure you wrap up nice and warm.
  2. Site walks from Natural Retreats John O’Groats. I took a long walk along the coastal path as far as the lighthouse and right across to the Stacks of Duncansby. There are breathtaking views across a white sandy beach and the magnificent Shell Beach, which is made up almost entirely of sea shells. Take 5 minutes to look for the lucky ‘Groatie Buckie’ shells! I would definitely recommend a guided walk to soak up the history and local lore along the way.
  3. Geocaching: like treasure hunting in the 21st Century! It was a great excuse to get some fresh air without “taking exercise” and the kids love using the GPS to locate hidden treasure.
  4. Castle of Mey – I honestly was not looking forward to this at all. I was so surprised to have enjoyed the tour of the castle and grounds – so much so I would definitely go again, it was so full of character and the essence of the late Queen Mother. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the headstone of Jan De Groot, who gave John O’Groats its name, at the church that the Queen Mother attended.
  5. Dunnet Forest, the most northerly community woodland on the British mainland, is well worth a visit – combine it with an afternoon out to see Dunnet Head, the UK’s actual most northern point. It has different components depending on your party needs (I had a buggy with me) and you can spot plenty of wildlife and see the interesting sculpture trail, which has evolved over the last couple of years.

Kelly Rowland, Reservations and Concierge

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