Lower temperatures and accelerated amounts of precipitation have put a hold on the mutant stone hatch as the temperatures are in the low 50′s. The good news is we are still seeing plenty of activity, the fish are still looking up and twitching big dries along the bank is still a productive practice. The riffles are good, try swinging a soft hackle to imitate swimming caddis. Get inventive with your fly selection try a royal wolf or lime trude, hopefully you will be surprised with the results. Don’t forget about the all inclusive fly, cant catch a selective fish try a renegade, ants behind the larger foam are always a good addition to an attractor. Our selection of flies continue to please the fish, need some tippet, flotant or the latest river updates give us a call (208)483-2112 3 or stop by our shop at 40 Conant Loop Road Swan Valley, Idaho.

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Historic North Yorkshire

Our Yorkshire Dales retreat is a stone’s throw from the beautiful & atmospheric town of Richmond, and no visitor to this town can fail to notice – or want to explore – the magnificent castle that dominates the town.

View of the Swale valley from Richmond Castle

Positioned as it is atop the ‘strong hill’ that give the town its name, it stands cheek to jowl with the town on one side, and the river Swale on the other. And there can be no finer view of the Dales as from the heights of the 12th century keep.

But beyond Richmond there are a host of other historic sites to discover (see the map below). Each are in delightful settings, and offer visitors – especially families – amazing days out.

Easby Abbey is the next closest, being just 5 minutes from Richmond, and like Richmond Castle is set in a gorgeous riverside location near the River Swale.

Easby Abbey on the Swale

Founded by the ‘White Canons’ in 1152, one can still get a sense of the grandeur of the Abbey. And the location is ideal for a summer picnic or a game of hide and seek!

The Great Hall at Middleham Castle

A forty minute drive from Richmond is another magnificent historic site: Middleham Castle. Set in beautiful Wensleydale and with views to rival those of Richmond Castle, the castle was childhood home to Richard III. Again, a wonderful spot to wander around and soak up the atmosphere. Dozen of nooks and crannies also make it ideal for hide and seek.

These castles and abbeys are just a few of the many in the area. Mount Grace Priory is also about 40 minutes from Richmond, while Fountains Abbey though a little further afield, offers a wealth of things to do. Also on our to-do list would be Bolton, Skipton & Helmsley Castles.

In short, you could spend a whole holiday at Natural Retreats Yorkshire Dales discovering North Yorkshire’s historic sites!


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Miss Raiys’s first fish and it was a big one, wider in length than Miss Raiys’s waist.  We love to see kid’s with a smile on their face and a large fish in hand.  We are looking forward to watching the progress of this young angler for many years to come!  Fish on!

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Grand Slam

Rachael’s Grand Slam!  Thank you for coming to visit us, we look forward to seeing you in the future.

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