Wild Kingdom

Not only do we boast 6000 fish per square mile on the South Fork of the Snake River, we consistently see the larger mega fauna of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Bears, moose, mule deer, white tail deer.  We are host to many migrating waterfowl from sandhill cranes to wood duck, pintails, widegeons, mallards and teal.

Come visit us today and book a scenic tour down this amazing wildlife corridor and bask in the beautiful fall colors that paint our river every year.  Contact us at the Outfitters seven days a week 7 to 7 1(877)805-7794

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Girls on the rod

Fall has arrived on the South Fork, with temperatures dropping into the low 30′s at night and highs in the 60-70′s during the day.  This is when the big fish start to move!  We have seen several 20+ inch fish to hand this week.  We are not catching the numbers but the size is the fall game.  We are anticipating rain showers on Wednesday which will be productive for streamers, bwo and mahoganies.  The tree’s are changing color and our streamer bins are overflowing.  Come in and visit us!

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Congratulations to the One Fly Winners

Another year another One Fly, this year marked the 29th anniversary of the west’s best fishing contest! Our senior guide Michael Jacobsen who is a Swan Valley native and has been fishing the South Fork all his life, proved his skills by placing second overall for top Idaho guide.  Congratulations to all the guides and contestants who participated in the 2014 One Fly.  The proceeds from the event go to river conservation and restoration along the Snake River corridor. For more details on the event please visit jacksonholeonefly.com

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Babes and Browns

Babes and browns abounded on the South Fork this week as Paula and her group who fished with Ed Emory continued to catch big fish after big beautiful South Fork fish!

The One Fly fishing competition is happening today and tomorrow, you will see an increased number of boats on the river, all setting a good example and wearing life-jackets.  The sunny sky’s and clear days are bringing the temperatures up into the mid-70′s with lows in the 40′s for the night.  We are still seeing significant hatches once the water warms in the afternoons.  Streamers and hoppers are still enticing the fish.  The water levels have dropped again to 6,700 cfs and will continue to decrease as we reach our fall flow levels estimated to hover around 4,500.

Stop in our shop at Conant boat ramp for Swan Valley’s best selection of all you fishing needs.  Our fires on the deck are going every night so stop by for a drink and enjoy the fall!

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Fall upon the South Fork

Our senior guide Eric Anderson landed this behemoth right below Palisades dam, streamers are working really well as the temperatures cool down and the big browns are on the bite.  Many other guides reported 24+ inch browns to hand this week.  Book a trip today to add this photo to your bucket list.  Warmer temperatures are predicted for the upcoming week, we are still seeing pmd’s and caddis with large hopper patterns along the bank coaxing many a willy cutthroat to the surface.  We hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures and embracing our favorite season on the river. 

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